The haunted house in Connecticut (Part-2)

Continued from The haunted house in Connecticut (Part-1)

The following morning, it took Joan a while to remember why she was feeling all happy and so full of excitement. There was still some drowsiness and hangover but she recalled that she had had some negative thoughts about Mike's behavior. And then she recalled some sensations and a "force" which made her feel both dreadful and eerily satisfied at the same time.

The haunted house in Connecticut (Part-1)

Joan was alone in the house that night, her husband Mike had to hurriedly catch the last New York flight as his firm had called the conference at eleventh hour. Joan had never stayed all alone in her life and didn't want him to go but she also understood how important his career was for their future.

The Fruit Vendor

The air was bubbling with news of regime change, people in the town were busy congratulating each other as the corrupt leader ruining their country and its people was finally defeated in the elections and only good things were about to happen now. The new President was swearing in tomorrow and people's happiness knew no bounds!

Aarthi and the "Yaksha" child

Note: Yakshas are mystical demonic beings in Indian mythology who are known to possess people and even appear in deceptive forms.

Aarthi Srinivasan was a young woman in her late twenties who lived in a small village in Tamil Nadu, India. Despite several years of marriage with her husband, Rajesh, Aarthi was unable to bear a child and this was a matter of great tension in her family. So one fine day, when Aarthi did her pregnancy test and found it to be positive, her happiness knew no bounds! Glad with the occasion, Aarthi and Rajesh decided to visit Lord Murugan's temple in their village to take divine blessings.